Cylinder pressure regulator

The Fronius cylinder pressure regulator provides accurate regulation and a constant output pressure throughout the whole welding process.

  • Smooth-operating shut-off valve
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Robust housing and pressure gauge
  • Long service life
  • Supply pressure up to 200 bar
  • Overpressure protection
  • Lightweight

Ar/CO2 standard design

3 – 30 l/min

Ar/CO2 metering tube design

3 – 30 l/min

Ar/H2 forming gas design

5 – 50 l/min

Cylinder pressure regulator with built-in preheater

The pressure regulator makes it possible to weld with CO2 for prolonged periods (tested for 30 min continuous duty in an ambient temperature of –20 to +45°C and with a flow-rate of 20 l/min)


• Integrated preheater
• No need for time-wasting changing of a heating cartridge
• Smooth-operating shut-off valve
• Ergonomic controls
• Robust housing and pressure gauge
• Long service life
• Supply pressure up to 200 bar
• Overpressure protection (up to 60°C)
• Lightweight

Standard version CO2

3 – 25 l/min

Is only suitable for connecting to TransSteel 3500/5000 machines with a preheater socket!

Article number 42,0510,0114

Overview pressure regulator

Pressure regulator
with 2 gauges 30l
with preheater
Pressure regulator
with 2 gauges 50l
Pressure regulator
with flowmeter
(formingas) 30l
Pressure regulator
with 2 gauges 30l
Cylinder valve
.42,0510,001042,0510,000842,0510,0011W 21,8
42,0510,0114.42,0510,007942,0510,0009G 3/4″
...42,0510,0035W 24,32
...42,0510,0109G 5/8″