The MIG/MAG TPS 400i LSC ADVANCED power source is primarily used in applications demanding increased process stability in the dip transfer arc and improved properties in the intermediate arc. The length of the interconnecting hosepack is irrelevant – whether short or long, the arc stability always remains the same.

Functional principle:
The built-in LSC ADVANCED module inside the power source guarantees that the inductivity generated in the hosepack is compensated for. This ensures a constant droplet detachment with little welding spatter in the dip transfer and intermediate arcs.

دستگاه جوش میگ مگ TPS 400i LSC ADVANCE

10 – 400 AWelding current range rod electrode
40 % 400 A / 60 % 360 A / 100 % 320 AWelding current at 10min / 40°C (104°F)
14,2 – 34,0 VOutput voltage MIG/MAG
20,4 – 36 VOutput voltage rod electrode
73 VOpen circuit voltage
IP 23Degree of protection
AFType of cooling
IIIOvervoltage category
3Pollution level according to IEC60664
AEMC emission class
S, CESafety symbols
706 x 300 x 720 mm / 27.8 x 11.8 x 28.3 in.Dimensions l x w x h
55,7 kg / 122,8 lbWeight
7,0 bar / 101.49 psiMax. shielding gas pressure
Original FroniusCoolant