TIG Grinder & TIG Grinder Mobile

The Fronius TIG Grinder and TIG Grinder Mobile dress TIG electrodes to a high professional standard, using longitudinal grinding and making optimum use of the grinding disc. Both units are self-contained, to protect the welder from harmful grinding dust.

TIG Grinder

/ This fixed dressing station has a self-contained system that lets it ‘keep the
grinding dust to itself’. The wet grinding process using a diamond grinding
disc, and the high grinding speed, give the TIG electrodes a smooth,
polished surface – for perfect welding results.
/ TIG electrodes can be dressed and cut to length in a single device
/ 3 grinding positions, for optimum utilisation of the diamond grinding
/ Perfect longitudinal grinding
/ Digital angle display, for exact parameters that can be set identically
every time
/ The collection container is easy to remove, risklessly and without needing
/ The following electrode diameters can be selected as standard:
1.6 / 2.4 / 3.2 mm.
/ Optionally available: 0.8 / 1.0 / 2.0 / 4.0 / 4.8 mm.
/ For extreme custom applications, grinding options are also available
for 5.0 / 6.0 / 7.0 / and 8.0 mm electrode diameters on enquiry.

230 V / 50 – 60 HzMains voltage
1.800 WPower rating
10,000 rpmRotational speed
20° to 180°Grinding angle
12.8 kg / 26.5 lbsDead weight

TIG Grinder Mobile

/ This portable version of the electrode dressing unit is very versatile and
user-friendly. It is also completely self-contained, to prevent any harmful grinding
dust getting out into the environment.

/ 3- way grinding-disc adjustment:
The adjusting ring on the grinding head ensures that maximum use is made of the
diamond grinding disc.

/ Six-way utilisation:
The grinding disc can be used on both sides, in 3 different positions on each side.

/ Reproducible grinding results:
A precision grinding result every time, with uniform longitudinal grinding

/ Multifunctional:
Is ideal for face-grinding electrodes to free them from wleding spatter, and for
preparing conical electrode-tips for special applications. A new guide element
lets users insert electrodes exactly in the vertical, for an optimum result.

/ Electrode diameters:
Can be selected as standard: 1.6 / 2.0 / 2.4 / 3.2 mm.
Optionally available: 1.0 / 4.0 / 4.8 / 6.0 mm.

/ Orbital Set:
This makes it possible to dress tungsten electrodes of up to 15 mm in length.

230 V / 50 – 60 HzMains voltage
500 WPower rating
27,000 rpmRotational speed
20° to 60°Grinding angle
1.98 kg / 2.2 lbsDead weight